When you step into the field of making a website or marketing, surely you will be more or less advised by people around you to learn about SEO.

Why? Because assuming when a normal person comes to your business and they go to find you by google then, of course, the results of top page return are most easily selected by them.

Everyone chooses the best and most outstanding result on google suggest search. Because of that, businesses are pushed to do SEO because it doesn’t cost too much compared to having to pay a pile of money to run ads.

And SEO is like a cheap “homegrown” however it takes a longer time.

So, just take a simple definition about it, what is SEO? And how-to success on this? According to the theory that: “Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the number and quality of visitors to a website by improving rankings in the results of search engine algorithms.”

Now look for an example to get know about SEO more clearly: When you search for the keyword “treadmill”, you can see a series of search results. The first part, which appears the word “Ad” (advertising) means Google Adwords,
and the next part does not have those words next to it is SEO (Search Engine Optimization – the Organic Search Result). And in order, the websites in the next position are in turn considered top 1, top 2, top 3 on Google. Sometimes you think that websites owned by well-known brands,
which have extremely high traffic, can stand up to the top positions, and of course, small businesses don’t have names yet and less well-known people will never stand at the top of this list. However, the truth is not that!

All top positions have a method to get ranked on the search engine, and the technical term for that is SEO. SEO does not only help the website more friendly but also make it more professional.

In the end, the goal of SEO is to increase the quantity & quality of traffic (or traffic) of potential customers to the website.

SEO is not so simple and easy to get boring like just optimate your website or get a high rank on google. But it also brings you some traffic to your website. SEO is something that you must do it for a long time and this means it will bring you a long-term valuable price for your brand.

Ranking on the top of your keywords Google search result is the best form of investment you have done for your company. It not just helping you to brand and associating your company with the keywords, but also position your company when speaking to a prospect or customer. Having SEO ranked result, gives you more confident to reach out to a wider audience.

Investing in SEO at the present time is more important than ever, despite the difficulties people face when implementing product marketing campaigns.

Product Branding
Make to sell Customers buy
Can be imitated Branding is Unique
Can be outdated Permanent

SEO Strategy | Step by Step Guide

In general, when you set goals (business goals, personal goals, etc.) you also need to have a plan that describes each step of how to achieve your goal.
This action plan is a strategy to meet your goals. Similarly, when we talk about the Internet and SEO, you need to have specific measurement goals about what you want to achieve online and a search engine optimization strategy that will tell you how to do that. Which to go there.

  • Learn about areas of preparation for SEO
  • Analyse website details and top competitors
  • Make an SEO plan and make a keyword list
  • Optimize website structure so that it is search engine friendly
  • Create quality content for websites
  • Build quality backlink system pointing to the website
  • Check weekly and monthly keywords to fix mistakes if any
  • Keep repeating the above work

Successful SEO begins with a strategy, and an SEO strategy begins with researching keywords. For visitors, the search always begins with words typed into a search box.
If you don’t know what people are searching for, you won’t be able to deliver the content that they want. You will also not attract the visitors that you want. Remember, it’s not just about getting traffic to your website. It is about getting the right traffic!

SEO Strategy | Why is it important to have an SEO Strategy?

Without an SEO strategy, you won’t know what you’re doing and are on the right track. For example, you not only run ads on Facebook because of advertising but also as part of your overall strategy.
Every action you take should fit your goals or you will just waste time and money.

An SEO strategy is essential for every online development. If you are running a small business online or if you are an independent blogger, you need to remember a strategy that will help you achieve your goals. It is not complicated or too detailed but what is important is required.

SEO Strategy | Keywords Research

Researching keywords is like reading the minds of your customers. By doing this you can learn about your customers, understand their behaviours and predict shifts in demand and market conditions. You will find keyword research a hugely rewarding experience. So that to get know about keywords is the most important in SEO.

Keywords are the currency of SEO; the more you can analyse and prioritize, the greater your ability to optimize your site with the keywords and phrases that matter most to your customers!

Keywords Research | What are Potential Keywords?

Begin by establishing what people call your product or service and how they will search for it online. What terminology do people use? What are some of the related services and products people are looking for?
What are some of the queries already generating traffic to your website? (You can find this out by using Google Analytics. Go to: Acquisition > Search Engine Optimization > Queries.) Try to expand or improve on this initial keyword set.

Potential keywords are profitable keywords. The first benefit is to increase the amount of traffic and views to the blog, the last benefit is to create an effective bridge between the search engine and the potential customer.
Imagine that your blog will someday top with those, and you will realise the potential generation of these keywords will be high!

Keywords Research | How to choose potential keywords?

After knowing how to choose keywords you can continue to understand how to choose potential keywords.

For Google Keyword Tool

These are keywords with low “competitive” competition, a monthly gain of 500 or more, in the country you are looking for. One basic thing to note is that you should search in the form of “Exact” to know the exact number of keywords that your readers are looking for in the month.

Using focus news to find competitive keywords

You have noticed that when logging into Yahoo, Bing we often see the most popular news that is searched for by the day, in the month. Or did you log in to Amazon, eBay, Digg when you see the bestselling products “top seller”, “top rating”, and “hot news” do you have any ideas?

Obviously, you should pay attention to those things, because those are keywords that are noticed in a short time if you know how to use them properly in the article, this is a condition to attract readers to the internal you upload.

Keywords Research | What are Keyword Derivatives?

It’s like having to learn the concept of “What is SEO keyword?” and need to know all the issues related to keywords to create a separate way of doing SEO. The same and synonymous keywords, it makes a difference for SEO people and spammers.

For example:

In the language, there are many keywords that are born due to the characteristics of the language, or the way of calling the region, the abbreviation … Take simple examples like “famous fashion” and “notorious fashion” or “a warm welcome” with “an enthusiastic reception”.

Synonyms are keywords that have the same meaning, can be substituted for each other, or in other words, it is different in terms of words but in the sense that it is the same.

As you know, Google is a very smart machine so it can understand “learning SEO Online” and “learning online SEO” in different nature but the meaning is the same so it will create structure later not Spam.

SEO Benefits | What can SEO do for my business?

SEO is the method that is making a trend to increase the efficiency of many businesses today. But it takes a lot of time and effort.

Creating a Branding | Value of SEO

SEO is currently a very hot keyword in online business. From business owners as well as small individuals have been learning about the many courses. The SEO process helps your website be optimized and friendly with search engines and customers as well.

A lot of people in the process of making it think that Spam is the form that helps their website get to the top, but you know, Google is smart and permanent everywhere when it finds out too much in the method of making then your website gets punished immediately,
so the value of SEO is to create a website with all the elements and features to support SEO in a genuine way.

SEO’s techniques | Creating the technic to success

  • First is the process of searching keywords through the most popular tool is the keyword planner. To know how to choose keywords that bring value to users as well as businesses, during the intensive learning process you will be aware.
  • On-page technology: optimizing the article in the most appropriate way with Google with headings, descriptions, H1, H2 headings, image optimization, ALT.
  • On-site: Friendly structure optimization with search engines: sitemap, robots.
  • Off-page: build Internal links, search for quality Backlinks, share and spread content in the social networking community.

Before starting to link to your website, please optimize your website with search engines. But the technology is not enough, in order to increase your website’s access rate, surpassing competitors in conversion rates, there must be good content.

That is Content Marketing.

Appears on the chart for a long time | Value of SEO

When a proper Marketing-SEO strategy is implemented, your search results will appear for a long time.

It shows that once the search results appear on Google’s rankings, your website will reach customers day after day without continuing to spend advertising money.

Winning the competitions | Value of SEO

Website optimization is the fastest, easiest way to dissolve competitors. Fact: Web users rarely search through search engine listing pages to find your business.

It was a race to top the Google search list. So, who is the first person to get the attention of potential customers?

Enhance sales | Value of SEO

This is a simple formula – more and more visitors to the website prove that you attract more potential customers. Take advantage of the opportunity to increase website traffic, increase revenue and improve your business image.

Increase traffic | Value of SEO

SEO works both locally and nationally – dominating the local market or reaching customers nationwide. Thanks to SEO, all the customers in the far and wide range can also know your information page, can access to search for product information … thereby increasing the user traffic to the website, open a Broader brand than you can expect.

Operation time is 24/7 | Value of SEO

An SEO website works like having a 24-hour dedicated marketing team for Business. Even after you lock the office door, SEO is still working.

While outside working hours, your information website can still appear 24 hours to customers. Customers can still access and find out information whenever they want.

Effective marketing costs | Value of SEO

SEO is one of the most affordable and effective marketing strategies when you choose to work with experts. For experienced people, they will know how to use marketing costs so optimally but with high efficiency.

SEO provides Enterprise trust for customers | Value of SEO

The psychology of users when searching on Google is that they think that the websites in the top position on the search results page are reliable and reputable addresses. Therefore, with this benefit SEO has brought businesses to increase the search volume means increasing potential customers for their business.

Today, SEO is becoming an essential and important need for any business that wants to succeed in its Online Marketing strategy. The purpose of SEO is also to serve brand development and business; enhance competitive advantages for businesses in the context of booming trade in the Internet era.

People are searching every day and just looking at the first results page at all. So, if a customer is looking for your product, and you are accidentally placed on the second page, it is less likely that the customer will visit your site. For Internet-based businesses, the battle for search engine rankings is extremely important.

Compared to other forms of advertising with the price offered by suppliers, long-term SEO jobs will save you a lot of costs and bring about efficiency in the long term.

To run ads on Google, your business will have to spend a huge amount of money to maintain them and often results in low efficiency, the results are not fixed, do not create interaction with many people. use. However, when doing natural SEO, your website will have a fixed position on the display board, helping to make an impression with potential customers better.

SEO Strategy | What can digital marketing do for my business?

Digital marketing is also a marketing career, except that the working environment, access objects as well as marketing tools are digital (digital). Digital marketing is marketing (including marketing scripting, marketing planning and measuring marketing results) in a digital environment (Internet is primarily).
Shopping on the Internet has become more and more popular, so Digital Marketing will help your business get closer to potential customers.

With the context of nowadays, Digital Marketing is one of the types of marketing that every company, an enterprise cannot ignore in its business process. The purchase of goods, products, and services today uses the Internet, so the use of this type of advertising will be one of the advantages and tools to help companies and businesses get closer with the potential market and potential customers.

SEO Benefits | What are the advantages of Digital Marketing?

Help save the most cost effectively | Value of SEO

Digital Marketing service has a much lower cost than the traditional tradition of traditional methods. By businesses when implementing Digital Marketing will not take all costs in the process of renting premises or maintenance. With the traditional forms of well-known brands from big cities, the most popular is advertising products and services via television, signage, radio, magazines, leaflets, letters and calls. or even offering and introducing products directly, the service cost up to tens of millions in SGD to run it.

However, Digital Marketing is a form of corporate brand promotion that does not require a high cost, it is also a competitive environment open to small, medium and large enterprises. With this method, consumers will easily access and know your business instead of PR as “broken promise” without anyone looking.

Looking forward to the market from another part of the world | SEO Strategy

Easy access to the potential customer market of products and services is the biggest advantage for Digital Marketing, not only information about businesses but also customers can learn about images and prices. both materials and services. Digital Marketing is a form of marketing that can reach customers anywhere, anytime.

Help businesses easily shape demand by gender, age, occupation, and regional address, in addition to the shopping habits, preferences and specific behaviour of many customers on the market today. With Digital Marketing geographical distance is no longer a barrier anymore, because for any place the product or service of the business can come.

Determine the effectiveness | SEO Benefits

With Digital Marketing tools, you can easily assess the most accurate parameters about the interest of customers when accessing your ads. Even the measurement tools can measure the direction of users as they go to your website from source: Facebook page or self-search on Google, they are navigated to where in your website, stay

Increase flexibility | SEO Benefits

The Internet has grown at a rapid rate of transmission, this is its dominance, so since the beginning of the Digital Marketing campaign until it is complete you can monitor the effectiveness through statistics, listed.

To increase brand awareness (brand awareness). Digital Marketing is a powerful form of advertising that helps enhance brand identity for businesses in the most effective way. What will Digital Marketing help businesses actively seek and attracting customers? If customer behaviour is still not enough to convince small and medium enterprises to focus more on Digital Marketing, look at the direct benefits that this method brings to business!

First and foremost, Digital Marketing helps connect and interact with potential customers. Instead of one-way advertising such as distributing leaflets, TVC projection, printing print ads on magazines, … businesses can comment back and forth, chat directly with customers to chat and advice. Interactive features will support a huge part of the sales phase, and good customer care is also a great strategy to create brand loyalty for the brand.

More specifically, businesses will easily observe and draw insight into purchasing behaviour when interacting with their guests. Each question, each guest comment with a friend, each caption when the guest shares the business article, all are publicly displayed, and the business can observe and analyse based on guest data.

In addition, time and money will be saved to the maximum extent, when you can reach a large number of customers, with many different customers at the same time. A good example of this thesis is Facebook Ads and Google Ads, ad-running tools that help target exactly who the business wants to target.
So, in the same hour, businesses can access a dozen times more people than leaflets or similar publications. Remember that offline access will only be applicable to the domestic scope. Meanwhile, running online advertising helps businesses embrace the globe.

Finally, Digital Marketing with the help of sophisticated and intelligent technology will help businesses easily track and evaluate their marketing activities. Digital Marketing provides specific and accurate indicators, based on the activities of businesses and customers, from which businesses can analyse and offer methods to improve or maintain marketing methods.

Can you add keywords or other keywords? | Keywords Research

In SEO, the margin of error for keywords is very large. If the keyword doesn’t work as expected, you can adjust it and try again. One interesting thing about SEO is that you can find yourself getting high rankings for keywords that you don’t aim for. Since SEO doesn’t cost every keyword, you won’t (or shouldn’t) hesitate to try highly competitive keywords. These keywords are not disruptive to your work, they even increase the advantage for long keywords (long tail keywords).

Besides, from the user perspective, it makes your website look clearer. For example, instead of a “Wedding Accessories for Dog Ring Bearers” heading, you can rewrite it into “Wedding Accessories” or if you want to be more specific, write “Ring Bearer Pillows”. The important thing is to adjust the depth of the keyword with the depth of the website: with the top pages use the expanded keywords, the deeper into the sub-items the more specific keywords.

In SEO, you can have one main keyword and add one more related keyword for meaning. Because SEO can read other keywords if they got the same meaning. But cannot add more than 2 keywords in one article SEO.


#1 Determine a preferred domain name | SEO technique Step by Step

When setting up your website or blog, you need to identify your preferred domain name. That way, you guide search engines to the variant form of the domain you want to use throughout the life of the site.


# 2 Robots.txt optimization | SEO technique Step by Step

Once you’ve completed setting up your preferred domain, the next step is to test and optimize your robots.txt. What is Robots.txt? Robots.txt is a text file located in the root directory of a website that provides instructions for search engines such as which pages in your site can crawl and add to their index. The format of this file is very simple, and, in most cases, you do not have to make any changes to this file.
It is important to check and make sure that no false blocking will discourage crawlers from search engines indexing your site.


# 3 Optimize URL structure | SEO technique Step by Step

The next item on your SEO technical checklist is to modify the URL structure of your website. URL structure means your URL format.


# 4 Redesign main portfolio and Web site structure | SEO technique Step by Step

The structure of a website is a very important SEO factor for many reasons.
Users are more likely to stay on a website longer and find out what they want faster, and search engines can understand and index a website easier.


# 5 Add the Breadcrumbs menu | SEO technique Step by Step

A Breadcrumb menu is a set of links at the top or bottom of a page that allows users to navigate to a previous page (usually a category page) or to a website’s home page.

A breadcrumb menu serves two main purposes: it helps users navigate a web page easily without having to press the back button on their browsers and it gives a hint to search engines structure of a website.

Breadcrumbs are mentioned as an SEO factor in various SEO Guidelines because they are appreciated by Google.


# 6 Evaluate structured data and SEO | SEO technique Step by Step

Structured data has become increasingly important over the past few years as it is used more by Google in Search Results.

What is structured data? Simply understand that structured data is the code that you can add to your web pages displayed with the search engine crawler and help them understand the context of your content. This is a way to describe your data with search engines in a language they can understand.


# 7 Check the canonical URL | SEO technique Step by Step

Each page and every page in your site must have a canonical URL. This is defined by adding the in your posts and pages.

What is the canonical URL? It is a simple way to tell Google which page version to take into account when indexing your site. This concept is similar to the preferred domain that a single page is accessible through different URLs.


# 8 Optimize your 404 page | SEO technique Step by Step

404 pages are displayed to users when the URL they visit does not exist on your site. It is possible that the page has been deleted, the URL has been changed or they have mistyped the URL in their browser.


# 9 Optimizing XML Sitemaps | SEO technique Step by Step

One of the most important elements of SEO techniques is optimizing XML Sitemaps.
XML Sitemap is an XML file that lists all the pages/posts available on your site. Besides its title, it also includes the date of publication and the last update date.

Search engines can use XML sitemaps to guide them when collecting site information.


# 10 Add SSL to create HTTPS for your Website | SEO technique Step by Step

The latest trend on the Internet is about security. HTTPS is a well-known ranking signal and an additional way to establish trust with your users.


# 11 Website speed – As fast as possible | SEO technique Step by Step

Another ranking signal is website speed. Google is referring to the importance of speed in all their SEO recommendations put forward and studies confirm that faster sites work better than slower sites.


# 12 Mobile-friendly | SEO technique Step by Step

Having a mobile-friendly website is important at present and in the future. Perhaps most of your users are using mobile phones and with the introduction of Google on the first mobile index, if you don’t have a friendly and mobile-friendly website then rank Your will be affected.


# 13 Consider AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages – Speed ​​up mobile pages) | SEO technique Step by Step

AMP is a relatively new concept introduced by Google in its efforts to make the mobile web faster. Simply put, with AMP you provide a version of your website using AMP HTML which is a garbled normal HTML version.


# 14 Advanced SEO topics (Pages and multilingual) | SEO technique Step by Step

The last two items on your SEO technical checklist are pagination pages and multilingual websites. They are both very technical tasks and you only have to deal if applying them to your site.


# 15 SEO technical checklist | SEO technique Step by Step

If you have reached this point, then perhaps you have a very good idea of ​​what SEO techniques are and why it is treated separately from On-page SEO and Off-Page SEO. Even if you have done this before, you should take control of SEO techniques on your site. Inconclusion, SEO techniques include some checks and settings you need to optimize to help search engines crawl and index your site without any problems.

In most cases, once you have acquired your SEO technique, you will not have to do it again, other than doing regular SEO tracking. The technical term implies that you need to have some technical knowledge to perform some tasks (such as optimizing page speed, adding structured data, etc.) but need to do so otherwise your website will not reach full potential.

SEO FAQ | What are some typical goals in an SEO strategy?

A good SEO strategy is tailored to the needs of a particular website but in general, this is some typical goal that is part of the strategy (don’t forget that a good SEO strategy is not just about SEO).

Content marketing – Everything starts with good content and your mission is not only to publish content but also to create content that users want to read and share.

SEO On-Page – This is more important than ever and is one of the first milestones in your strategic plan. Before doing anything else you need to perform SEO On-Page first and then move on to the next to-do items.

Off-Page SEO – Link building is still an important ranking factor so you have to learn what you can do and what not to do to get good results.

Social network marketing – When you reach the point where you have great content and a great website, the next step is obviously to use the power of social networking and distribute your content in social networks differently.

There is an SEO strategy like using GPS to get you from point A to point B. In this case, point A is your starting point and point B is what you want to achieve online. Each SEO strategy varies and depends on the type of business (website), ongoing competition, the complexity of the appropriate location and the availability of budgets and resources.

SEO FAQ | How long will a Blog, Website or Online Store be included in Google’s One Page?

Don’t mention time in SEO, your job is never really completed because SEO is not a one-time contract. This is an investment that requires constant maintenance and care to maintain results.

There is no definitive answer on how long SEO will have results because no one controls the search engines and the ever-changing requirements. In addition, every website is different. You can’t measure how much hours, days, weeks or months of making SEO will take you, you can’t measure the number of hours you should spend doing it.

There is no quick fix for website rankings. You will need to spend some time working on your SEO strategy, but the effort will be slow but sure. Perseverance will prevail, just stick with it to achieve your goals.

SEO FAQ | How to pay for SEO services?

Before deciding about how much you will spend on SEO in your business. To get direct quotes currently, there are 3 different pricing options when it comes to using SEO services:

SEO services per hour:

You pay for SEO companies or SEO advice for a fixed cost per hour. Often you will make an agreement before the activities are performed and it is necessary to estimate the number of hours to last month (or at the end of each project). You are giving a report detail with details of actual working hours. You can then process payment of wages according to the number of hours agreed.

SEO services per project:

Different from paying for each hour. You agree with standard SEO companies for the entire project without depending on spending hours. Usually, there will be a 30% prepayment, the rest is paid when the project completes the campaign.

This option is better in case you are not sure how many hours it takes to fulfil certain project goals and it is also an advantage in budget spending.

SEO services monthly:

The most successful SEO campaigns will expand more than a month so one of the best solutions is a monthly cost agreement. Depending on the workload, commitment results and many other factors, there will be different monthly costs.

The cost of SEO services varies depending on what is included. Most SEO projects in 2018 cost between $750-$2,000/month based on the scope of the project. A one-time project will range between $5,000-$30,000 and hourly rates for consultants fall between $80-$200/hour.

SEO FAQ | Is there a Money Back Guarantee?

Most companies don’t offer back guarantee. Because the Best SEO Firms Don’t Offer Guaranteed Results. So that don’t ever think that there is a money back guarantee.

Now that, “The Search Engines Expressly Warn Against It” – Google’s official statement reads:

No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google.

SEO FAQ | How to measure the success of SEO optimization?

You’ve probably heard the phrase: “If you can’t measure, don’t expect to improve.” Especially in SEO, measurement is an important factor determining success and failure. Certainly, keyword rankings are a special factor. The higher the number of keywords in the position, the higher the traffic to the website.

But, if the report is based solely on keywords that will simply undermine, the role of marketing and not draw a full picture of why SEO is important to a business. A broader look at keyword rankings will allow the marketing team to be aware of the value that really matters how natural search generates revenue and profit for the business. Thankfully, we have one of the best tools to measure SEO, free, readily available and installed on the website – Google Analytics!

And it has 12 important indicators that help you measure the success of your SEO campaign.

  1. Traffic does not have to pay.
  2. Bounce rate is not paid.
  3. Conversion rate is not paid
  4. The top exit pages for organic traffic
  5. Analyze organic traffic from Bing and Google
  6. Keywords ranked in Google.
  7. Local visibility.
  8. Click-through rate (CTR).
  9. Pages indexed in Google Search Console.
  10. Pages are crawled every day.
  11. Duplicate titles and descriptions
  12. Data collection error

SEO FAQ | Does it offer Writer Services, SEO, Non-SEO Articles, Web Content Packages, and Copy Ads?

There are some of the SEO services they will offer writer services including SEO and non-SEO article, web content and copy ads also. Because SEO is a long term journey and it requires a big feature combine together so that there could have this offer.

SEO FAQ | When can we start?

A common question for businesses when designing websites is “what to do next”? Which website should I choose to advertise? And especially should we do SEO?

Like the section that mentioned upon, SEO is an investment. So that there are lots of concerned about that… Is investing in SEO now too late? Is there any chance for me to get to the top of SEO while having many websites with my business area doing SEO before?

Investing in SEO is never late, and both losses are. Whether your website has just been designed or has been operating for a while, if you haven’t done SEO yet, you should plan it now.

Many people mistakenly think SEO is just a job to push keywords to the top. In fact, if an in-depth analysis of SEO’s work, you will find it has a great effect on the website.

It means that when doing SEO properly and quality, the website will be stronger, better, more perfect.

SEO is a competition, so websites that have done SEO before will have a lot of advantages. However, not so that the following SEOs have no chance.

So, to ask a question “when can start SEO?” is “as soon as possible”! Just base on your willing. Because as the article mentioned up on SEO is an investment.



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